AmmA Events

Amma was born in 2006 with the aim of organizing and managing high cultural and artistic events.

Headquarter of the Agency is the “Società Umanitaria”, a jewel of the Renaissance with four courtyards, frescos salon, a wide attractive garden and rooms of various sizes.

Thanks to the joint work of Amma and the Association “Arte da mangiare”, all events are organized taking advantage of the unique richness in the content proposal.

Amma offers the opportunity to be protagonists of the event from the concept to its conclusion, thanks to artists and experts of the cultural sector.

We offer: guided tours of the national heritage, catering. We create unique and unrepeatable events, hostess service, photoshoots and videos made by professionals.

AMMA is therefore a reference frame for all those projects, which involve ART, FOOD AND MARKETING that will find a particular visibility on Expo 2015.